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Radius Church | MADE | Week 9 | Singleness

 I came across this video the other day and it was very convicting.

Listen, enjoy, let me know what you think.

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“Marriage will not cure your loneliness. Marriage will only expose how lonely you really are.”

Radius Church | MADE | Week 9 | Singleness

Darvaris Peterson spoke to us this week about singleness. We looked at three categories of people: single and satisfied, single and seeking, and single and sinning. Those singles who are single and satisfied find their fulfillment in Jesus and in doing the work of the Kingdom. Much like the Apostle Paul, they devote themselves to doing work in the Kingdom and are very content to remain single. Those who are single and seeking are those who have decided that they would like to marry one day, but while they wait on their spouse, have committed to remaining celibate and are capitalizing on their singleness by using it to grow the Kingdom of God. The last group: single and sinning, is where many folks find themselves today. Rather than trusting God for a spouse and choosing to remain celibate and devoted to Him in the waiting process, they spend much of their time trying out different partners and seeking fulfillment from sources other Jesus.