Random Thoughts

My closet

First off, I’m pretty sure I have the cutest dresser ever! That little collage is just perfect in my opinion and there will soon be a collage on the wall to the left!

my super cute dresser

And I’m super excited with how my closet looks at the moment. Those white baskets on the shelf just keep things light and bright and I love having my boots up off the floor!

my closet

My wardrobe is slowly taking shape and I’m loving that I love my clothes and want to wear them. I’m definitely getting better about not purchasing an item unless I really love it. This has cut down on my looking at my closet and saying I have nothing to wear. Right now, my clothes lean towards florals and bright colors like that bright yellow shirt that’s peaking out 🙂

The other thing that has helped with me not saying “I have nothing to wear!”, is my closet app. Because, yes, I am that weird one that plans all my clothes out and tracks what I own and wear.

This app is amazing! I erase the backgrounds and then add them to the app. It gives me the ability to see what I own and if I already have something similar. And if I am trying to purchase an item in a different color and can’t remember what size I purchased, it’s got a place to record that too! Anyway, I could go on and on about this app which a lot of people thing is crazy, but if it works for me than that’s all that matters!